Empower artisans

North-East India is considered one of the most culturally diverse regions of the world, inhabited by several tribes. The tribes have their own distinctive way of dressing, textile and jewelry designs that reflect their indigenous cultural identity.

We are proud to partner with various tribes to showcase their traditional designs.

Artisans are enterpreneurs

Our artisans are not our employees, they are our business partners. They are free to work from home when they want and as much as they want. This means that we can empower reach and empower more women, as they are free to participate in the capacity most beneficial to their particular life situation. 

The craft

Our artisans are masters of the art of traditional handloom with distinct weaving techniques that are specific to each and every tribe and passed down from generation to generation.

Handweaving is demanding and it requires a lot of time and patience – just setting up the loom takes days. However, it produces unparalleled quality items.    


There are not many career opportunities in rural communities, so for many of our artisans, Empower entrepreneurship has been a life-transforming experience. Not only are they better able to take care of their families but they also have stronger voice in the community. It’s truly empowering.

Some of our artisans are survivors of exploitation, and becoming an Empower artisan helps them to establish freedom and independence.

Support our work with the rural artisans
in North East India