Sustainable livelihood for all

Sustainable livelihood for all

Imagine wearing a scarf woven by artisans using skills handed down from mother to daughter over many generations. Imagine a table mat design that has adorned traditional tribal homes for centuries. Now imagine the money you pay for these beautiful products, adding up to provide sustainable livelihood for an entire tribal family!

That’s Empower for you!

Empower is a brand of textile based products, handcrafted by artisans from the tribes of Northeast India. They include a unique five-in-one scarf, and handwoven cotton table mats, created by Assamese and Mishing tribes in Assam.

Empower products are the result of a collaborative social enterprise led by Impulse, and includes people from nine tribes of Northeast India.

We’ve begun this enterprise with the marketing and sale of textile based products that leverage traditional skills and crafts, and have plans to expand local income opportunities by developing an ecosystem of complementary businesses, based on the skills and interests of local people.

Our focus is trade, not aid.

ISE works in partnership with various tribes, NGOs, governments and private sector companies to achieve our goal of sustainable livelihood for all. If you’d like to get involved with our enterprise as a partner or supporter, or simply help out by helping yourself to our range of Empower products, please browse through our products, and then place an order with us here 🙂

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