Junumai Das – Mishing Artisan from Durgapur, Assam

Janumai Das Mishing durgapur

Junumai, unlike a lot of other women who weave, does it for the pure joy it brings  her. 25 years of age, she belongs to a small village in Assam called Durgapur. The  skill of weaving was passed onto her by her mother and Junumai has been learning  the art of weaving since the young age of 8. Though she loves weaving, Junumai  was unsuccessful in selling her products until she heard about Impulse Social  Enterprises’ Empower from the leader of her village who encouraged her to be a  part of it. Due to the lack of economic opportunities for women in her area,  Junumai was completely dependent on her family which itself was going through a  deep financial crisis. Weaving for Empower changed the whole scenario for her  since she is now able to earn good money and her income has contributed in  uplifting her family’s financial condition to a great extent.

Due to her fascination in weaving, Junumai sincerely enjoys learning all the new  traditional patterns and designs. She has learned numerous new skills and  techniques which have contributed in polishing up her weaving skills. Learning about things like consistent sizing and quality makes her feel much more professional now and has enabled her products to meet the expected market standards that Empower sets. She is eager to help and provide the same kind of help and support that she got to all the new weavers who join Empower in order to improve their products and techniques.

Junumai is aware of the vices that Human Trafficking has brought to the women of Assam. She is well acquainted with everything that it involved- from how innocent girls are misled in the lieu of work opportunities to ultimately how they are sold like slaves for sexual exploitation purposes. She believes that it is the lack of employment and economic opportunities, which is the root cause of this evil in her society. Junumai believes that Empower has brought about an entire level of transformation in her society by helping women like her to be economically independent on a regular basis, earning from home.  She expresses that ISE through their product line Empower has “encouraged women to rise up from the ashes and fulfill their hopes and dreams,” which a while ago seemed like an impossible thing to accomplish.

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