Our Team

The team at Impulse Social Enterprises comprises not just artisans who create our products, but numerous designers, supply chain managers and distributors, ancillary producers, financial experts, marketing consultants, communication experts and of course, our leadership that provides the vision, connects with various communities, investors and buyers across the world, and drives the business day in and day out.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our team.

Impulse Team

Business Manager

As the business manager; his/her role is to look after the entire supply chain management and the marketing of the products. Similarly, he/she is actively involved in the operational delivery of the enterprise’s products launched under Empower Brand. Importantly, his/her role encompasses the development and implementation of the business plan, based on strategies and objectives agreed by the Board. At the ground level, his/her responsibility is to ensure the promotion and marketing of Impulse Social Enterprises as a for-profit private limited entity with an objective to create social value through Trade,not Aid. Significantly, his/her responsibilities entails to establish a harmonious relationship between business endeavors and the social and cultural fabric of the communities where Impulse Social Enterprises has deep-rooted ties.

Business Coordinator

Primarily, he/she oversees the management of information pertaining to the administration, business and project whilst ensuring a smooth flow of the required information within the company team comprising of the Managing Director, the Finance Manager and the Business Manager. Additionally, he/she is actively involved in the marketing and promotion of the brand Empower in numerous social media platforms.


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